July 23, 2022

10 places on my bucket list!

Hey friends!

Now that Covid is over (or is it?)… or at least travel seems to be happening a lot more and more, we’re starting to think about travel again! With three kids in tow we want to make sure it’s a positive experience all round, so we’ve been holding off, but we are DREAMING of travelling again!

Here are some of the places we are thinking of… and first on the list is of course, my HOME! My husband is Canadian born and raised, and we haven’t moved from this country since March 2020 so here’s my list starting with OZ!

1.Australia. Can’t wait to visit friends and family in Sydney and show our kids some of the most beautiful places across the country where I grew up.

2. Finland & Norway. Northern lights anyone? Wow does this place have some amazing experiences to offer! I’m dreaming of watching the northern lights and driving on ice, and taking the kids on some amazing experiences in Lapland!

3. Cappadocia Turkey- I have spent a number of months in Turkey performing in Istanbul and Ankara, and traveling to see this amazing country. The one place I haven’t been is Cappadocia. I’d love to take my love on a hot air balloon ride there over the cave dwellings and rock formations! Fascinating.

4. Before Covid, we were planning to head to the Vienna Opera Ballet Ball in Australia with a number of famiiles…. I’d LOVE to put that back into action, and also visit the birth place of Mozart, what a fairytale!

5. Tuscany Italy. I’ve spent a lot of time in Italy, but never visiting this beautiful area. Top of the bucket list!

So that’s my wish list! What’s yours?!

Sophie XO


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