What I’m doing in isolation…..

What I’m doing in isolation…..

If you’re like me, then chances are you’ve had some down time right now. This also means it’s time to do ALL of those little tasks you told yourself you’d do when had some spare time. Right now, I’ve had a lot more time with my husband which I’m grateful for. My kids are usually home with me anyway, so that’s remained the same… I definitely have redirected my efforts from upcoming live shows to other tasks… I’ve set up a home studio which is a total first for me, I’ve always been way too technologically lazy to do that, but I kicked that and started with some help from my guitarist Mike! For those of you staying isolated, I hope you’re making the most of the time and keeping positive! I know it’s not easy. I hope you’re all keeping well during this time. It’s not easy! The above photo is the first image I have ever shared of me in PJs…we had a great movie night and fun was had by all. Since isolation started, many nights are like this! Cuddles and PJs and fun. We’ve been painting, starting indoor gardens, doing dance, music and even soccer classes online. Crazy, fun, creative and also scary times.

I’ve been cooking SO much more.. not the usual three meals and two snacks a day for everyone, but cupcakes from scratch, cakes… things I don’t usually do. My husband has been making his own keto bread (he’s very into this keto thing.. I’m not into diets but it actually tastes good!).. in light of most of our work being cancelled we’ve cut every expense possible, and are just focusing on what we have. So many good things from all this. But I’m scared honestly. I wonder how long this will last. I wonder if any of the conspiracy theories floating around might possible be real (like you do at 3am after my littlest wakes up and you peek at twitter and read crazy tweets). I miss hugging friends. Which I already did since leaving Australia, but now I miss my Canadian friends.. my Aussie friends… my British friends.. I miss YOU ALL! I miss seeing you guys at shows. One thing I have LOVED since moving to Canada is photos. I put them up everywhere. Of my family, friends, good times. And I try to look forward into the future and imagine what that might look like…

One of my goals was to go through my photos throughout the years to organize them… but, I couldn’t help but get distracted by my travel pics! I’ve been fortunate to visit and perform in some very Instagram-worthy destinations; from Copenhagen to Istanbul to Rome, Milan, and Turkey. Here’s a favorite from my album… in Venice more than ten years ago with a fellow violinist!

Looking over travel images makes me miss you – my fans – and miss travelling to undiscovered destinations. We can’t wait to tour Europe again and, perhaps, the Middle East to create new music for you to move to. Let’s continue this journey soon… news to come. Loads of love to you all.

What are you guys all doing?

Sophie Xo

International Women’s Day 2020!

International Women’s Day 2020!

Firstly today, I want to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful daughter Victoria. Three years ago today, people were asking why I wasn’t as vocal as I usually am on this important day, and my answer was that I had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl! I can’t believe she is THREE TODAY! Time really does fly!

Next, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! I’m proud to be a woman in today’s era. We have rights and privileges that didn’t exist for our mothers and grandmothers. Come to think of it, we didn’t have these same rights today as we did 20 years ago! But we’re not there yet. The purpose of International Women’s Day is to recognize the progress women have made towards gender equality in their communities and workplace, and to champion women’s achievements.  It’s a cause that’s very dear to my heart. I, along with some fabulous women, created the Every Woman Foundation, which ran for a decade. We held our signature event, the Every Woman Festival, for seven years and, during that time, we held it in Canada, Australia, and France. In fact, the Every Woman Foundation was voted one of Canada’s top 100 women’s organizations. Although I had to make the very tough decision to put my family and my work first since becoming a mother, I’m proud of the work we achieved. Over ten years we celebrated women, supported women with our programs and raised money for partner organizations. Although I’m now focused on Motherhood,

This year, I’m honoured to celebrate International Women’s Day with a performance at the Women & Wealth Gala in my hometown of Calgary. It’s a rare treat to perform in my own town, where I get to meet so many talented women, and this year’s Women & Wealth Gala has a pretty impressive line up! The emcee is award-winning journalist Aisling Tomei, and also appearing is award-winning entrepreneur Jess Tetu, fabulous TV host Jillian Harris! I’m excited to join this fabulous lineup.

The Women & Wealth Gala (@WomenandWealthGala) started in 2016 and continues to celebrate International Women’s Day annually.

I question the legacy I want to leave for my daughters. I want them to have the confidence to be who they are, love who they are, and be proud. After all, my daughter, Victoria, was born on International Women’s Day!

*Thank you Little Chic Parties for these fabulous balloons for Victoria’s Party!

Want more info about International Women’s Day? Visit the following websites for more info and how you can be involved-








All of Me, Loves All of You! #ValentinesDay2020

All of Me, Loves All of You! #ValentinesDay2020

I love celebrations – and Valentine’s Day is one of my favourites! Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, and I get to celebrate this special day with my loves: my husband and my children. They’re simply my world. While we should say “I love you” to our someone special everyday, Valentine’s Day is the one day where we should appreciate the love in our lives. And, let’s agree, “What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork” – Pearl Bailey.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, I performed John Legend’s All of Me, which is also our wedding song, at the @COREShopping Centre (Calgary). Head to my Instagram page – @sophieplaysviolin – and you’ll see my performance along with the candy and heart-themed display at the CORE Shopping Centre. The kids had a blast and my husband adored my rendition of our song

To help me dress for my performance, the fab team (thank you Estella, François, Joanly, and Lisa!) from Calgary’s Simons’ store at the CORE assembled a range of dresses to try from their current collections. The dresses were all so fabulous, but I narrowed it down to three: a short REDValentino cocktail dress, an eye-catching gold Luxxel floor-length gown, and an avant-garde design from Canadian designer Denis Gagnon. Simons has eight private labels and designer brands, and I fell in love with this store! Both my husband and I are wearing Simons clothing in this video!

This one was my absolute favourite, by Denis Gagnon:

I was so thrilled to discover Simons at the CORE. I wish I had discovered them sooner! It’s five levels of fabulous clothing, shoes, accessories, home décor, and everything you need for your bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. They even have their own in-store café, and they produce and sell their own honey (which is made on the roofs of the stores in Laval, Mississauga, and Quebec). It’s delish! One more Simons’ bragging right is their energy efficient store at the Londonderry Mall in Edmonton. Very impressive, make sure you check them out!

A Royal High Tea!

A Royal High Tea!

You just can’t help but be impressed when you walk in to the Royal Suite at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel in Calgary. It’s located on the eighth floor and boasts some pretty decent views of Calgary. The Chandelier, private dining room (fit for six) and kitchenette, the Kind bed (which I had to myself), and – my personal favourite – the ensuite made for a pretty fab afternoon with friends and my new assistant, Elli. Elli also comes from Sydney, Australia and has lived in Canada since 2004. Elli will be assisting me to conquer the world… again! Elli earned her communications degree from Athabasca University, and has a strong support background. Welcome to the team, Elli!


The Royal Suite is, of course, named for Queen Elizabeth 11. The Queen stayed in this suite during her visit to Canada in 1990, and if it’s good enough for Queen Elizabeth, then it’ll do for us! If you haven’t done Afternoon Tea at the Fairmont Palliser, then it’s definitely a must-try for a special occasion, take friends and family, or even to treat yourself (why not?!). Each friend received her own tier, which included clotted cream, strawberry jam and fresh-baked scones, chocolate-dipped strawberries, pastries, and finger sandwiches (no crusts!). The Fairmont team also prepared my own gluten-free tier so I could enjoy the afternoon. The tea service was amazing, and it’s the little things that make the difference (I think I even saw gold flakes in one of the finger sandwiches). Our server, Kris, made us and the kids feel right at home. The kids watched Frozen 2 and we created some 2020 visions and had some girly chit chat! It was a great way to catch up with friends and watch a lil’ bit of Frozen 2!

I have been LOVING High Tea for years, and in Sydney Australia, the Victoria Room was my favourite… I have to say here in Alberta, Fairmont Palliser does an amazing job! Interesting side note…. High Tea actually originated in the 1700s and was not so glamorous.. it was what we know today as afternoon tea and was called high tea, because it was served for working men, who ate quickly, usually on stools which were high, thus the name high tea! I think it might be my favourite meal of the day! What’s yours? Sophie xo



Giveaway no. 12! THE FINAL GIVEAWAY! A One Night Stay at the Fairmont Royal York Toronto!

Giveaway no. 12! THE FINAL GIVEAWAY! A One Night Stay at the Fairmont Royal York Toronto!

It’s the FINAL DAY! Day 12 of Santa Sophie’s Christmas Giveaways! You guys are going to love the final giveaway! I launched my collaborative Christmas album with Chantal Dube at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto, so it’s only fitting to finish my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways with a fabulous grand prize: a one-night stay in luxury at the Fairmont Royal York!

If you’re fortunate to visit Toronto’s iconic hotel, the Fairmont Royal York, during the holiday season, then you know you’ve arrived somewhere truly special. From the moment you walk in, you see the hotel’s homage to its 90th anniversary: a statement clock appropriately titled the 90th Anniversary Clock. Another nod to the Royal York’s history is its annual tree lighting ceremony. There are over 15,000 lights on the Royal York’s Christmas tree! It’s enough to make Clark Griswold jealous 😊 From the fun festive-themed events to the busy vibe of downtown Toronto to the anticipation of Santa’s visit, the Royal York continues to be one of our family’s favourites. Their fabulous dining experiences and first-class service are honestly second to none.

The luxury, the dining, and the Royal York experience are our final giveaway! If you’ve seen some of the pics of their annual tree-lighting ceremony, you know the Royal York is THE place to be during the holidays in Toronto and any day that ends in “y” 😊

Here’s how you can win a one-night stay at the Fairmont Royal York! Head to my Instagram page – sophieplaysviolin – and answer the day’s contest question. It’s that easy! Happy holidays! Sophie xo