It’s the FINAL DAY! Day 12 of Santa Sophie’s Christmas Giveaways! You guys are going to love the final giveaway! I launched my collaborative Christmas album with Chantal Dube at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto, so it’s only fitting to finish my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways with a fabulous grand prize: a one-night stay in luxury at the Fairmont Royal York!

If you’re fortunate to visit Toronto’s iconic hotel, the Fairmont Royal York, during the holiday season, then you know you’ve arrived somewhere truly special. From the moment you walk in, you see the hotel’s homage to its 90th anniversary: a statement clock appropriately titled the 90th Anniversary Clock. Another nod to the Royal York’s history is its annual tree lighting ceremony. There are over 15,000 lights on the Royal York’s Christmas tree! It’s enough to make Clark Griswold jealous 😊 From the fun festive-themed events to the busy vibe of downtown Toronto to the anticipation of Santa’s visit, the Royal York continues to be one of our family’s favourites. Their fabulous dining experiences and first-class service are honestly second to none.

The luxury, the dining, and the Royal York experience are our final giveaway! If you’ve seen some of the pics of their annual tree-lighting ceremony, you know the Royal York is THE place to be during the holidays in Toronto and any day that ends in “y” 😊

Here’s how you can win a one-night stay at the Fairmont Royal York! Head to my Instagram page – sophieplaysviolin – and answer the day’s contest question. It’s that easy! Happy holidays! Sophie xo