I’m the proud mom of three beautiful, lively children. They’re all under the age of 5 and keep me and my hubby very busy! They are the loves of our lives and we are so thankful for them! They definitely continually challenge us to be better versions of ourselves every day.

As a violinist, I have regular chiropractic checkups and massage therapy and more… as a mom, I found Dr For Moms absolutely amazing in terms of navigating what was good for me before, during and after pregnancy, and for my little ones as well. As a mom as well, Dr For Moms are AMAZING with babies and children, and the entire family! We aim to be as healthy as possible, and Dr For Moms is a large part of that for us. From chiropractic, massage, pelvic floor physio to fabulous classes, seminars and even childminding while youre there- the team are Dr. For Moms come highly recommended by our family! With this time of year exceptionally busy, who couldn’t use a bit of a healthy checkup? Try any of their natural health treatments for moms, dads, and or kiddos – chiropractic, massage, naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, physical therapy… even something from their Nutrient IV Lounge menu!

Here’s how you can win a Dr For Moms $400 The Healthy Lifestyle Sampler gift certificate. Head to my Instagram page – sophieplaysviolin – and answer the day’s contest question. It’s that easy!

Happy holidays! Sophie xo