A guilty pleasure this time of year is to hang Christmas decorations with my children (ok, I do this when they’re taking a nap), have a glass of eggnog, and play Christmas music in the background. I know, not exactly out of the norm, but the music makes all the difference. Christmas time in my native Australia is so different to North America. Singing I’m dreaming of a white Christmas when it’s 30C outside is truly bizarre! But, regardless if it’s 30C or -30C, Christmas songs have the power to put you in the holiday spirit 😊

My new Christmas album featuring Chantal Dube is one of my favorite albums! Throughout my journey with music, sound, and life each single and album epitomizes my evolution: from starting out as a young performer to motherhood to creating a more sophisticated sound. Perhaps include something about the natural acoustics in Scotland and or Bonneville Salt Flats?

Here’s how you can win a copy of my album collection. Head to my Instagram page – sophieplaysviolin – and answer the day’s contest question. It’s that easy!

Happy holidays! Sophie xo