If you’ve been to one of my shows, you know that I LOVE to perform! My goal is to entertain, connect, mesmerize, and wow an audience – where the music is playful, emotive, and inspirational. It’s easy to transport an audience from their immediate surroundings so that they soon begin to think about the origin and the history of tune.

Engaged audiences become energized audiences, and I feed off the positive vibe!  That’s when I know they’re hooked – and I’ve done my job 😊 As corporate performances go, I’ve been fortunate to travel to and play in some amazing places. From Istanbul to Rome to Monaco. Each destination and audience brings its own energy and expectations.

To win a performance for your next special event, head to my Instagram page – sophieplaysviolin – and answer the day’s contest question. It’s that easy!

Happy holidays! Sophie xo