July 22, 2019

My Routine as a Mom of THREE!

Hey friends!

Life has been so full, so wonderful! I hear all the time how busy I must be…. but I honestly would rather just say life is full! Full of love, full of activity, and fun and games and so many things, but the driving force is love. With that in mind, no task is too hard, too much, it’s honestly wonderful. There are days I think it’s nuts but I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Before we had kids, I would get grumpy if anyone woke me before 7am… but now my days start at 5! How do I find time to practice? Do it all? Here’s what my week days look like when my love is working:

  • I get up at 5am while everyone is asleep and I exercise and prepare breakfast and go over my plans for the day.
  • The kids are usually up 6/6.30am and we have breakfast together.
  • Then I dress and change the kids and we al get ready for the day and get out for our first activity. We usually do a play date or head to Telus Spark which is a regular spot for us in Calgary! The Zoo as well if the weather is good.
  • After lunch, my nanny will give me a break and I’ll have a cup of tea, answer emails and do some practice, and rest.
  • In the afternoon it’s round two of activities, and sometimes we have swim class, sometimes it’s the park or another play date or some home activities, music lessons with Mummy and dancing around and being silly!
  • We usually have dinner together after that when my love is home, and then it’s bedtime routine and if we can, Dionysius and I find some marriage time. We don’t stay up that late because, we will of course be up at 6am again tomorrow!!

If I have a performance, obviously we work around that. If it’s local, I go alone, but if I have to go away, we try to go together and I love that Dionysius is flexible with his work so we can do this. I hope it stays this way! Our life takes a lot of planning, and regular family meetings are ESSENTIAL! A musicians life is never super regular and both our work schedules are changeable, but with planning and co-ordination we rock it. Does it all fall apart sometimes? Heck yes… but we have learned and are learning, to be flexible and go with the flow more which has been a huge learning curve for me.

My tips for keeping energy up?

  • I don’t eat sugar (except the odd chocolate)
  • Keep hydrated
  • Eat regularly and make healthy choices for yourself
  • nutritional supplements that are safe for me and for breast feeding
  • I take small 5 minute breaks with the kids- and I close my eyes and breath deeply and ground myself. I always feel energized afterwards!
  • But as I said, driven by more love in my heart than I ever thought I would find! It’s not easy but it’s worth it! Also, I would just say that every little bit counts- if I’m late for my workout because of a mishap I just keep going even if I only have 15 minutes It’s better than nothing, and mentaly I don’t feel as bad as if I had done nothing at all. Just keep going! You got this mama!

I’m always learning though! Any tips? Any more questions? Comment below or DM me!

Sophie XO



Photos by Vanessa Neufeld


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