Hey you guys!

I have had such a blast these few months here in Paris. I’ve been back and forth from Sydney to Paris since January 2007 now… and you guys know I’ve been performing a tonne. The audiences are just so welcoming! I have LOVED walking absolutely everywhere with my violin… exploring this beautiful city. I’ve been writing a load of music as well, in this dreamy state. I don’t even need to share my favorite places, I’m sure those of you who have been to Paris know the typical places, and they’ve weaved their magic on me just like everyone else. I have to share however, that my experiences might just be the romantic musician in me, because a friend from school came to stay and all she could see was the dirt and the streets where dog owners don’t pick up after their dogs! We all see something different don’t we! If you’re in Paris, send me a note!

Sophie xo