Recent media:

December 2019: Sophie performs on CTV Calgary, and gives an interview as well:

December 2019: Sophie is interviewed on 100 Huntley Street, filmed in Toronto, broadcast nationally, sharing her testimony of faith:


3rd December 2019: Sophie performs tracks from her new album Christmas Classics feat. Chantal Dube on 100 Huntley Street. Click here to watch


18th October 2019: Interview in the Gauntlet


4th October 2019: Sophie was on Global News Radio 770 News Talk this morning and performed her new single Unvanquished live in studio with guitarist Mike Sands.


3rd October 2019: Sophie was on CTV Calgary to talk about her new single Unvanquished, click here to watch-


July 28th, 2019: BC Local News-


5 Reasons You Should Know Sophie!

Media prior to 2019 (see Sophie’s Facebook Page for more)





The Edmonton Journal, Canada- “Sophie is a tour de force. Passionate and electrifying”

The Calgary Herald, Canada– Sophie is a “show-stopper!”.

MOD CITY, Canada– “Sophie is a phenomenal violinist who plays with strength, conviction and grace.  She’s breathtaking to watch”.

MiSociety Sydney Australia on The Gold Violin Show- “A stunning boutique theatrical presentation. As the show deepened Sophie ‘Gypsied’ her way through not only her violin playing prowess but also her dramatic side taking on the persona of the fiery fiddler and then the soulful singer. Quite an astonishing and most entertaining concert with an audience comprising of many from the music industry who all gave it a golden ‘thumbs up’.  Thank you Sophie for broadening the appeal of the concert hall violin.”

Black & White Magazine, Australia- “Sophie’s eye contact is perilously unavoidable in conversation. She is persuasive, direct and natural…if flame haired violinist Sophie can lead that audience to a place where classical meets pop and rock, the rest is easy.”

Daily Telegraph Australia– Sophie has ‘inimitable style’

Daily Telegraph Australia– “in show-biz parlance, a person who can sing act and dance is called a triple threat. But Sophie can sing, act, dance, act and play the violin. Does that make her a quintuple threat?…….Sophie Serafino is talent”

Penrith Press Australia– “Sophie turns all concepts of violin virtuosity around”, “she takes the violin from the concert house into the world of the pop diva” and “ is one of the few who deserve the title of DIVA”

Sydney Morning Herald Australia- “refreshing- not only plays the violin but sings with amazing clarity”

Viva Magazine Australia- “Sophie takes over the stage!”

Inside Sport Magazine Australia- “take one funky diva with a violin, mix with some pop flavoured opera and you’ll be bustin’ a move to Sophie’s music before you can say Pavarotti”

The Milliyet Newspaper Turkey- “Serafino tells a story that will keep the audience entertained”

Arte Lifestyle Spettacolo Magazine Italy- Sophie’s performance “infiltrates the spirit and moves the heart”.

Sfilate Moda Magazine Italy- “Sophie’s performance excites and she gives a sense of mystery to her show”.

Megamodo Magazine Italy- “the notes from her violin created excitement!”


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