The Whole Package: How to Build Your Dream Performance Career with Authenticity and Savvy Marketing

Hey you guys! I’m so excited to share my first course with you! After being a professional performer for years, giving concerts on over 500 stages around the globe… and studying dance, theatre, and completing a degree as a Violin Performance Major, I’m excited to share with you my strategic step by step program that will leave you with the tools to perfect YOUR show and take it to the next level!

I’ve been teaching the violin for almost 20 years, and over the last few years, I’ve been coaching musicians in stage craft, and I see a LOT of the same challenges and questions for artists. For the first time, I’ve created a course to help musicians and stage performers create and perfect their live show to get to the next level in their careers. Be who you are as a performer, and stand out in your genre on stage! Engage and hold an audience. Rock your stage so that agents can’t wait to book you and fans can’t wait to see your next show! Knowing who your audience is, and using your talent, skill and the stage you have to deliver your music in the most engaging way possible is so important. Don’t let your songs look like everyone else! Don’t let people talk through your show- take your performance to the next level.

Are you shy? Not confident on stage? I’ve been there. Believe it or not, I used to be shy… but I KNEW I wanted to perform! I even once dropped my violin on it’s face, and was red faced picking it up and carrying on… I didn’t even want to smile in dance class, and I kept looking down! Since then I have rocked stages in over 33 cities all over the globe, from intimate audiences of 20 to large crowds of 30,000! Once I knew who I was and was certain of myself and my art, I could really express myself on stage. GET TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE and share it on stage with confidence! There is nothing more powerful than sharing your own story.

Once you have clearly defined who you are as an artist, and who your audience is, we will cover the basics of branding and selling your show to clients and fans, and I will share with you how I got booked all over the globe!