Master Your Audience is a transformative course led by Sophie Armstrong, renowned stage performer, artist coach and public relations practitioner. This comprehensive program is designed for speakers, coaches, musicians, and anyone seeking to enhance their stage presence and online engagement. Students will learn to captivate and engage their audiences effectively on and off stage, on screen, and in all marketing materials. The course covers a wide range of topics, from defining your authentic branding and core values to mastering stagecraft, relationship management, and media training. Sophie's expertise, drawn from her global music career and entrepreneurial success, empowers you to gain confidence, connect with your audience, and elevate your brand. By enrolling in this course, you will master your audiences on all platforms in a cohesive and authentic way, leaving a lasting impact in the world of performance and public speaking.

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Your Audience


Time to feel comforteble &
in sync with your audiences!

Connect, Captivate, Elevate

How to phiscally and mentally prepare for a tour, how to analyze your performance.

Show- readiness

Identify and connect with the right audience for your brand. 

Audience Demographics

How to manage any stage

Stage Craft

How to handle equipment- get comfortable with all elements of performing.

The Tech Stuff

How to market to your audience, manage your relationships, and be prepared for interviews

Marketing & PR

How to transform your presentation

Show Flow

Business Basics

Be ready for anything

Manage your team, internal communications, 

Improvisation and audience interaction. 

and so much more....



Who Should Take this Course?

Those that need to learn how to present themselves on stage, online, on camera and to your industry and audiences in general with authentic and personal branding, relationship management and stage craft. I will teach you how to be confident and well prepared on stage, and to match that with the brand image and reputation you require to elevate your business. If you are preparing for a presentation, speech, performance, interviews and you don't feel that you have the skills, knowledge and confidence to hold the audience in the palm of your hand, let me change that! Gain the confidence from having the knowledge and skills to master your business.


 Sophie Armstrong, BMus, LMusA, AMusA is a UK born, Australian raised violinist and composer, and has shared her story through her global music style in over 40 cities internationally. Described by the Daily Telegraph Australia as “Inimitable” and “Refreshing”, Sophie experimented in multiple genres working with other ensembles over the globe before finding her own sound. An award winning entrepreneur, Sophie founded and ran Every Woman Foundation for ten years, which was listed as one of Canada’s top 100 Women’s Organizations and Sophie Armstrong Entertainment Inc provides corporate entertainment, public relations services and media training.

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Course format

This course is currently taught one on one, since 2018. In early 2024, an automated online version of this course will be available, stay tuned! We are currently full, and will be accepting new students in February 2024. Fill in the form below to get on the wait list! 


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