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Welcome! I’m Sophie Armstrong. I am a performer, educator, entrepreneur, and I help musicians, speakers & coaches professionalize with authentic and engaging stage presentation. If you are hoping to captivate and engage your audience online or on any stage, this course is for you.

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Your Audience

Feeling frustrated with your delivery?

Leave the stage feeling the high of having done exactly what you set out to do and your audience so into it. Sophie can guide you to gain the skills to make it a reality.

Take your stage presence to the next level in this Master Course as you learn how to:

Rock the Stage? Yes!

Learn how to captivate and engage your audience

Eye level, posture, choreography

Presentation + more

Who are they & what do they want?

Audience Communication

How to manage any stage

Stage Craft

How to handle equipment

The Tech Stuff

How to respond to the unexpected


How to transform your presentation

Show Flow

Award winning violinist Sophie Armstrong shares her story through music, inspiring audiences to feel. Described by the Daily Telegraphy Australia as “Inimitable” and “Refreshing”, Sophie has had the opportunity to collaborate and study different world music through performing all over the globe, in over 30 cities, gathering inspiration from difference cultures. Described as passionate and fearless, Sophie inspires and intrigues audiences as she takes them into her fantasies through her world beat sound. Sophie is most at home most whenever she is on stage. Raised in a family of classical musicians, the violinist rebelled and started her own career in heavy metal, before exploring many genres and performing with other artists before defining her own direction. After attaining her Bachelor of Music Performance degree from Sydney Conservatorium (Violin Major), Sophie’s travel to distant locations for performances in cities in the middle east and Europe drew her into the world of theatrical performances, dance, pop, middle eastern and modern classical music. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

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Who Should Take this Course?

If you are preparing for a presentation, speech, performance, and you don't feel that you have held the audience in the palm of your hand, let me change that! Gain the confidence from having the knowledge and skills to master your stage, audience and best the best you can be on stage!

Speakers, Coaches, Musicians, those less experienced with the stage


Mike Norman, 360 Restaurant & Club Istanbul Turkey 2008: “The hype created by Sophie during her month here, far superseded anything that we have done. It sent waves through the night-life industry here in Istanbul, and I can even state that not even Lionel Richie got the media coverage here that Sophie received. She is reliable, talented and a terrific entertainer- on top of this, a lovely disposition. I would highly recommend her.

"Sophie far exceeded my expectations - a charismatic all round entertainer."

The Reviews:

Dr Dionysius David: “This program gave me all the tools I needed to prepare and engage my audience. I didn't even realize I actually had ZERO skills for presentations, outside of my knowledge I had prepared. This was a game changer."

"This program transformed my teaching course!"

The Reviews:

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