Sophie’s unique style of world music meets classical crossover & pop and her live performance incorporating not only her years of study in classical music, but training in theatre and dance is truly one of a kind. Contact us to inquire how Sophie can enhance your next corporate event or private event and captivate your audience and make your special event, one to remember. Sophie, currently based in Canada, provides one of the world’s most exciting electric violin shows!

Transformational artist Sophie Armstrong fuses exotic, melodic and rhythmic sounds discovered on her world travels to create an utterly unique high-energy concert, leaving you transfixed from start to finish. 

From the classics to cutting edge originals- an explosive, engaging show!

Special Events


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Show Options

Option 1. Featured Act- 25 minutes
Sophie engages your audience with elegance and grace, with choreographed steps, interaction with the audience and sheer virtuosic brilliance! (Sophie + backing CD/DJ OR Live Musicians)

Option 2. High Impact Opener/ Closer- 5 minutes
A High Impact Opener/ Closer performance is a fantastic way to get your guests seated or put a finishing cap on your event. (Sophie + backing CD/DJ)

Option 3. The Full Show
A full 50-90 minute show with live musicians, featuring audience interaction, elements of options 1 & 2, two costume changes (Sophie + tracks, OR four piece band and optional extras such as string quartet, full string section).

Does your event require a special fit?
A great way to keep your guests over the whole evening, two featured acts will keep your guests wanting more! Or enquire about creating a custom made show for your event.

Repertoire options Sophie’s original music, Film Score Themes, The Classics of Beethoven, Mozart and more.

**Tracks by request- if you require something unique and different for your product launch or event, ask us about a custom track that can be produced specifically for your campaign or special day.

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Mike Norman, 360 Restaurant & Club Istanbul Turkey 2008: “The hype created by Sophie during her month here, far superseded anything that we have done. It sent waves through the night-life industry here in Istanbul, and I can even state that not even Lionel Richie got the media coverage here that Sophie received. She is reliable, talented and a terrific entertainer- on top of this, a lovely disposition. I would highly recommend her.

"Sophie far exceeded my expectations - a charismatic all round entertainer."

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