Water Lantern Festival, Calgary Alberta Canada

Water Lantern Festival, Calgary Alberta Canada

Happy Friday everyone!

As we head into the weekend, I have a little something to share with you. This video is something different! The Water Lantern Festival is a beautiful community event, where I was lucky to be able to perform and also shoot this music video. I chose to shoot my track Kissed by the Moon as it really fit the vibe…..  Dionysius and I brought the whole family, and we spent the afternoon making our own lanterns- with drawings and messages of the things important to us, and it was really quite emotional. As I was about to perform, I listened to the stories of those who chose to go up and share their story on the mic. Children, adults, sharing hopes and dreams, and love, fare-welling a loved one… it was quite emotional, and it really brought the crowd together. Then, at 9pm, the lanterns were launched onto the water, with little lights inside where they floated together, representing the hopes and feelings of the crowd. It really connected everyone, and for one peaceful evening, there was a great sense of togetherness at Olympic Plaza in Calgary, Canada. It was incredible!

Water Lantern Festival takes place all over the globe- check it out! Wherever you’re traveling, you may find an event near you. According to One World, “As the sun begins to set on the evening sky, the Water Lantern Festival begins to shine with the launch of the lanterns onto the water as we Light The Water together. Watch your unique lantern drift out into the water as it joins other lanterns carrying hope, love, happiness, healing, peace, and connection. It’s a night that you’ll never forget.” Check it out:

I hope you love the video and that it gives you a little bit of the beautiful energy that was present that night!

Sophie xo