Making Music & Travelling with Kids!

Making Music & Travelling with Kids!

Hey friends!

So, I get a lot of comments about traveling with the kids and how hard it must be, and I have to say honestly, my heart hurts when I’m not with them! So why not? If you have the right gear, it can be easy. Having an easy to use travel crib can make all the difference, or in this case, a great portable high chair! It all helps. When you home school and have some flexibility within your daily routine, it can be done!

We have discovered this gem of a high chair- The Stokke Clikk high chair – which is not only a great for at home, but it travels really easily which is great for us- especially travelling so much for performances (hopefully again soon!) We couldn’t be more pleased with this product- easy to assemble, disassemble, easy to clean, high quality, strong, sturdy and safe and watch to the end to see how easy it is to pack it all up and get rocking! I rarely leave the kids at home unless it’s an overnight thing only, so I like to be ready for travel. Check out our video on this awesome high chair:

Other great items for travel that we take:

Portable potty
iPads with educational software for kids for long flights
Travel table for airplane seats or car rides
Travel crib
Carrier for tired toddlers

Any tips? We always love to hear them! There’s ALWAYS room for improvement!

Sophie XO


All of Me, Loves All of You! #ValentinesDay2020

All of Me, Loves All of You! #ValentinesDay2020

I love celebrations – and Valentine’s Day is one of my favourites! Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, and I get to celebrate this special day with my loves: my husband and my children. They’re simply my world. While we should say “I love you” to our someone special everyday, Valentine’s Day is the one day where we should appreciate the love in our lives. And, let’s agree, “What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork” – Pearl Bailey.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, I performed John Legend’s All of Me, which is also our wedding song, at the @COREShopping Centre (Calgary). Head to my Instagram page – @sophieplaysviolin – and you’ll see my performance along with the candy and heart-themed display at the CORE Shopping Centre. The kids had a blast and my husband adored my rendition of our song

To help me dress for my performance, the fab team (thank you Estella, François, Joanly, and Lisa!) from Calgary’s Simons’ store at the CORE assembled a range of dresses to try from their current collections. The dresses were all so fabulous, but I narrowed it down to three: a short REDValentino cocktail dress, an eye-catching gold Luxxel floor-length gown, and an avant-garde design from Canadian designer Denis Gagnon. Simons has eight private labels and designer brands, and I fell in love with this store! Both my husband and I are wearing Simons clothing in this video!

This one was my absolute favourite, by Denis Gagnon:

I was so thrilled to discover Simons at the CORE. I wish I had discovered them sooner! It’s five levels of fabulous clothing, shoes, accessories, home décor, and everything you need for your bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. They even have their own in-store café, and they produce and sell their own honey (which is made on the roofs of the stores in Laval, Mississauga, and Quebec). It’s delish! One more Simons’ bragging right is their energy efficient store at the Londonderry Mall in Edmonton. Very impressive, make sure you check them out!