Music for the little ones!

Music for the little ones!

Hey everyone! Our home is full of music as you might imagine… and as a musician, you probably think that of course I would be an advocate for music education, and that’s true! I absolutely believe in music education because of the benefits I have received from my studies and my life in music…. and how fun is singing and dancing with your kids?!

As a mom, I can see how music encourages babies to communicate, and is actually a way they can learn to communicate before they can speak (clapping, moving along to music, making those super adorable baby sounds while music is playing). Even just playing music in the house all the time is awesome!

At home, I play different music at different times of the day, with my little ones in mind and when we’re driving we always listen to music and singalong, or just play some relaxing piano music… here’s a little peek into our routine:

My daily music routine at home

1. In the morning I play uplifting music, either children’s nursery rhymes or some uplifting classical or baroque music.

2. When it’s time to sleep, I play calming and relaxing music up to an hour in advance to calm the entire house down after a busy day. My kids love violin music because they see Mummy play violin all the time, so it soothes them- I play my own Lullaby album, Kissed by the Moon, that I recorded before my eldest was born. I also sing to/with my kids at bedtime as well.

3. Sometimes I play different and new types of music and ask if they like it or not, and my eldest likes to describe the music (at his age the descriptions aren’t very long of course!) and this teaches him the confidence to say what he thinks, and he starts to learn to describe things, for example, sometimes he’ll call music that’s a little on the dark side “scary” or “dinosaur music” which cracks me up! This is a really important process to start, and when I validate his answer, he gains the confidence to go further next time and helps with self confidence in general.

4. I take my kids to music class regularly, and we always add it into playtime every day.

Some of my favorite music for bedtime

So this is one of my favorite YouTube channels for relaxing nighttime music…..Click Here …and if you’re little ones like violin like mine do, here’s my lullaby album you can download for your household!

Aside from playing music at home, check out group music classes for your kids! Before the age of 4, I personally don’t think one on one lessons are very effective at that age, but of course, it depends on the child! There are some great classes available, check your local library for sing a long classes, and local music schools. I took my kids to a local program in Calgary called Baby Rhyme Time, and there are follow up programs after that as well. Check out what’s local for you! Take the time if you can! It’s great for bonding with your little one, and amazing for them, and from what I have witnessed with my own children, and my experience as a musician and music teacher, I am certain that music education has HUGE benefits!

The Benefits of Music for Babies and Toddlers
  1. Music creates is a way to communicate before little ones can speak.
  2. Helps to create self confidence
  3. Singing or playing instruments together, even just banging on percussion together, teaches the beginnings of team work.
  4. In music, there is no one right answer, and this teaches children to think outside the box.
  5. Music is often written with repeats- the same musical phrase might be repeated a number of times and in a particular order. This teaches children patterns, which helps with other subjects at school as well.
  6. Learning and memorizing songs and pieces of music helps develop memory.
  7. Emotional development- music displays a wide range of emotions and can help toddlers and children learn to identify their emotions, from as basic as happy or sad to excited or scared… or my son’s favorite, simply “I feel awesome!”.

My two little peanuts at one of their favorite classes-

There are many, many more benefits as well that I haven’t listed. Do you incorporate music daily into your parenting routine? Do you attend music classes with your kids like I do? What works best for your family? Comment below!

Kissed by the Moon, A Lullaby Album- OUT TODAY!

Kissed by the Moon, A Lullaby Album- OUT TODAY!


As a new mother, Violinist Sophie Serafino has created an album of relaxing lullabies for her own child and parents and children everywhere. With familiar favorites like Brahms, Mozart, to her own compositions, this is a delightful collection of melodies.

OUT NOW on iTUNES, Amazon, Spotify, CD Baby! Click here



Violinist to give birth to her First Child in November 2015

(October 13, 2015) Calgary, AlbertaSophie Serafino has a secret she’s been waiting to share. The world renowned and internationally acclaimed violinist is expecting her first child with her husband due in November of 2015.

Sophie has been patiently waiting for months to reveal the happy news to her friends and family, and is now excited to reveal the news to fans. She has also spent the time working on a new musical project, which she is proud to unveil today in celebration of her joyous news.

Sophie has teamed up with pianist Susanne Ruberg-Gordon and other others to create her lullaby album titled, ‘Kissed by the Moon.’

“My husband and I would like to share our joy with all of our friends, family and my amazing fans, and thank you for your beautiful well wishes so far,” said Sophie Serafino. “Expecting our first child has inspired me in completely new creative ways, and to express feelings I have never had before which are softer, gentler. It’s been so wonderful to compose and perform music that I know will be heard by our child, as well as many other children around the world.”

Serafino says a great deal of her inspiration to write and record this type of an album came not only from her consciousness that her child would hear the music she plays, but also from reading numerous research studies and statistics on how playing music to babies in the womb, as well as in early childhood years, can help in brain development. Lullabies, classical music, and children’s songs are reasonable options, when choosing what genre of music to introduce to the baby, because of the ability for these types of songs to also soothe and relax.

According to Dr. Pam Schiller, as children grow, music fosters communication skills.[1] Schiller’s research suggests our sense of song helps us learn to talk, read, and even make friends.

“I am excited to be able to play this music for my own child as her or she develops, and I want to be able to share this with many other mothers or mothers-to-be out there, as I truly believe music has the power to positively impact children,” said Serafino.

Kissed by the Moon’ features two original compositions by Serafino, and seven instrumental recreations of classic numbers—including the famed ‘Brahms’ Lullaby’. The album will feature Serafino on violin, Susanne Ruberg Gordon on piano, and Russell Broom on classical guitar.

‘Kissed by the Moon’ was recorded at and sponsored by OCL Studios in Calgary, Alberta and will be available for purchase on October 13, 2015.