Why I perform at special events

Why I perform at special events

Hey guys! I get asked a lot why, as a violinist, do I perform at events, and I thought I would answer this question…. Some musicians don’t do it, but I love it. I’ve performed around the globe and seen parts of the world I probably wouldn’t have seen at this stage in my life if I hadn’t taken those opportunities. I’ve performed for thousands, and for intimate audiences as well. That might be enough for some people to jump at the idea of performing for special events, and corporate events… but here are the biggest reasons that I choose to perform at special events and corporate events around the globe:

Firstly, I like being surprised. Being an international musician and performing in a different city for every show is amazing! New customs to learn, new audience responses I need to be ready to deal with. I actually found that performing in a new situation every night, really helped me hone my stage craft: the way I move, the way I communicate with the audience, and my level of comfort on stage. Even though every situation is different and sometimes unpredictable, I find this really exciting, and it’s been a huge part of who I have become, and am still becoming, as a performer.

Secondly, I love intimate audiences and the chance to meet new people and new fans. Even if I’m performing for thousands, I always meet new people and learn so much, and it has taught me, and given me the chance, to create my show in a unique space or situation to fit the circumstances I’m presented with and create a truly phenomenal outcome- always possible with the right team supporting you.

This is my current events show-reel which has some highlights from performances around the globe, and a variety of situations from an intimate wedding for a friend to performing for thousands in the Middle East. I think it reflects how much fun it can really be! I love discovering other styles of music and cultures.

I have been asked so many questions, there isn’t always time to answer everyone, but now that I’m 8 months pregnant, I have loads of time to write some answers! I truly I love teaching, coaching and helping other musicians whenever I can. I’ve been asked so many questions, there are too many to fit into one blog! So I hope to answer all your questions one by one, on this site or via videos on my YouTube Channel. I can’t always write back on Facebook or Instagram, so I’ll be directing you guys here.

Fellow musicians have asked me so many questions about performing in the corporate entertainment market for example, what about sound? What if that is unpredictable, and how do I deal with it? Also, if it’s just me on stage, how can I engage the audience from start to finish? For many musicians who are used to having the entire focus on the music alone, these show situations are more than simply standing there and playing the music when you’re not in a concert situation, although, I love it when I get to do that to. Once I explain how I deal with any challenges that might arise, the next most common questions are, how do I get into this other side of the industry and start performing at events, and how do I build an entertainment career doing this? Can I still be me? Or do I have to mold my show to something that’s more mainstream to engage an audience that isn’t familiar with my music? I could write an entire book on this… anyway, for now, I will be releasing some videos on these topics on my YouTube channel addressing some of these very soon.

If you’re interested in getting more information, click here to send me a note! I’m very happy to have those conversations with serious musicians. Whatever path you choose, make sure you are doing it because you LOVE doing it! Love what you live & live what you love. It really is possible.

Sophie xo