Shooting Unvanquished in Scotland

Shooting Unvanquished in Scotland

You guys!!

I just had the three most magical, and challenging days here in beautiful Scotland. I should always start to expect the unexpected, because I could never have guessed how this was going to go. I had in my mind, that we were going to film an epic music video…. And I think we did thanks to Ringtail Films… But the experience was so much more!

I landed in Glasgow and went to stay with family, which was awesome. Then on day two, we started filming early in the morning. We started at some famous forest areas (some of which were used in Outlander- I know some of you on social media have asked if it was from Highlander- did you mean Outlander?) and walked down to a waterfall right down in a deep crevice between some rocks called The Devil’s Pulpit. It was amazing to hear how my violin sounded down there on a large speaker! I had planned to host a Facebook Live session down there, but alas, terrible reception! I can see why it’s called the Devil’s Pulpit- you feel like you’re right down underneath the earth in a hidden place…. Hopefully we shone some musical light down there!

In Skye, I wanted to stay right out near the farms, however… we had trouble getting there! Google maps had trouble identifying the location and right out there, the reception was terrible, and…. There were no streetlights out there and it was quite dark by the time we arrived! Anyway, we found each other and all was well. The things you don’t expect! Well, at least, the things I didn’t expect. Once daylight arrived it was just breathtaking. It could have been a scene from 100 years ago. The rolling hills with the small houses and the farms, with very majestic and magnificent coastline everywhere, were just so dreamy! Check it out this picture of one of the very cute little houses and the scenery! Bonus- a double rainbow! It had been a LONG time since I saw a full rainbow let alone a full or double rainbow. It was very pretty, very mystical.

The little white houses with the grey slate roofs were just so cute and the local farmers provided a lot of the local restaurants with fresh bread and dairy, and the landscape like a scene from an old film.

My favorite location was definitely The Fairy Glen (this is a shot from the drone! Ringtail Films totally rocked it!)

Locals tell me that the Fairy Glen was simply the result of what they call a land slip, but that there is some legend floating around that it is home to fairies and magical happenings! It was a awe inspiring location and we found it just fascinating, and beautiful to film. I would have enjoyed being on top of the peaks much more if it hadn’t been so darn cold and windy though! There was the challenge: staying warm on top of very high peaks in the very cold wind. But we did it, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

The single Unvanquished will be out October 8th, and the video clip will follow soon after.

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Music Video Shoot at the Bonneville Salt Flats!

Music Video Shoot at the Bonneville Salt Flats!

Hey you guys!

So… this was an interesting shoot you guys! I was so excited to shoot here on the pristine salt flats with the beautiful backdrop of the mountains.

The Bonneville Salt flats are one of the largest salt flats in the world- it is the largest of many salt flats located west of the Great Salt Lake, and was about a 90 minute drive out of Salt Lake City. I had a show scheduled there, so I came in a day early to do the shoot! I teamed up with the talented cameraman Markus Aedo, who shot the video, and all went well… until poor Markus’ car got stuck in the flats!

We were VERY lucky that some people stopped to help get him out… it was a little stressful! It was hard to stay stressed for too long with the beauty of our surroundings however, and we got the job done (with a bit of sweat and tears!).

The trip to Salt Lake City was amazing. It was an honour to perform in the Rice Eccles Stadium for a very inspiring corporate event, and I got to visit the famous Salt Lake Temple which was so peaceful, inspiring and beautiful. I left inspired. One recommendation I would make- do NOT drive your car onto the salt flats unless it’s car racing season (apparently August!) when the area is used for races! It’s too muddy before then!

I’ll be traveling to Europe next! Let me know if you have any ideas where we should shoot a video! I hope you’re having a wonderful summer…. or winter for my Aussie family and friends!

Sophie xo

A performance and weekend off in Victoria, British Columbia Canada!

A performance and weekend off in Victoria, British Columbia Canada!

You guys!

Last weekend I had a blast performing at the Victoria Women’s Show and exploring this beautiful part of British Columbia! It was my second time in Victoria, and it was great to create some new memories there. It is such a beautiful city! My faves have got to be Fisherman’s Wharf where you can feel the otters (!!!!) and the Butchart Gardens (being a flower fanatic, I could NOT help myself!).

I absolutely recommend a visit here! Such a stylish, well manicured city with loads of places to explore among the old buildings (Victoria is one of Canada’s oldest cities!), I couldn’t get enough!

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Fun at Fisherman’s Wharf feeding otters!


Checking out the beautiful Butchart Gardens, which were absolutely amazing!











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