Hey everyone!

I’m really excited to share with you the video for the title track of the album The Journey! Featuring guitarist Pavlo, this video was filmed by Ringtail Films in the Badlands of Alberta, which has some crazy amazing land formations, which they are famous for! Also, to film out there, we stayed in the ghost town of Wayne, population 27 (that’s twenty-seven, no zeros lol!). It was a very different experience, totally unforgettable, with people telling us the hotel was haunted, the history of the town, the very unusually shaped mountains with beautiful cactus flowers… I’ll never forget this place! Thanks Thanks to Ringail Films, and my brilliant makeup team Maison Blu, and Jerome Salon!

Check it out:

So I have renamed this album The Journey= the act of traveling from one place to another, which I felt was more true to what I set out to do artistically. I hope you love it even more, it’s available now!


After a busy year, collaborations, recording, filming, writing, and rehearsing a new ensemble I’m excited to share with you my new group! Click here for dates!  Coming up this winter I’ll be performing a few shows, until baby #2 arrives in March! Check out upcoming dates here: https://sophiearmstrong.ca/gigs/ We are planning a tour with my new band! Stay tuned for more info !Also coming up, our little guy turns 1!! I can’t believe it’s been a year almost since he arrived! Time flies…Sophie xox