Hey you guys!

I’m so exited to share this video with you shot just two weeks ago! You all know how often I used to travel around the globe, and now, we’re trying this out with three little ones in tow! You know what? It was super busy but it was awesome!

We headed to Vancouver, and took the kids to the Aquarium and Stanley Park, and on the weekend, we headed to one of the most beautiful festivals I have ever been to! The Abbotsford BLOOM Tulip Festival is the stuff that dreams are made of…. our family absolutely loved visiting this stunning field of flowers! With food trucks, games and music, it was a trip to remember for sure! The piece I decided to play, All Things Bright and Beautiful is a selection from my Lullaby Album, Kissed by the Moon. I love this beautiful worship song- we can never be too grateful for the beauty that surrounds us on this earth, and remember it’s our job to protect it. I hope you love it as much as I did making it!Here’s a little V-Log from our trip:

Sophie xo