Performances on hold due to injuries

Performances on hold due to injuries

Dear friends & fans,

After much excitement about returning to the stage post Covid, my recovery from injuries sustained last September which have prevented me from performing for longer than 15 minutes at a time, has plateaued and I have so far been unable to return to my usual show preparation and performance routine. I was SO excited to perform a couple of short shows recently, and I’m excited to return to the stage in a more regular and full length capacity, and with that in mind, I will be concentrating on rehabilitation until further notice. I will be releasing my new single & video recorded last year sometime in the summer, whether or not I am able to perform. I am excited, to look forward to that, and at a later date, performing once again.

With love,

Sophie XO

Beau Soir- Filmed at Phantom Creek Estate Winery, Oliver BC Canada

Beau Soir- Filmed at Phantom Creek Estate Winery, Oliver BC Canada

A peaceful and calm song by Debussy… one of my favourites, filmed at Phantom Creek Estate Winery in Oliver, British Columbia- one of the most beautiful wineries I have had the pleasure of visiting with a beautiful peaceful song. Oliver is known as the wine capital of Canada! It really was one of the most beautiful places in the world!

These beautiful sculptures were created by Wu Ching Ju, Pro Terra et Natura (For Earth and Nature) and are one of three sets by this artist.

Thank you @PhantomCreek for having us, and thank you Anna Kova dress rental for this stunning white dress!

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Sophie to support the Hope Outreach Gala Kelowna

Sophie to support the Hope Outreach Gala Kelowna

HOPE Outreach will be hosting their 3rd Annual Story of Hope Gala on Friday, April 8, 2022, and hope you will join them in supporting our community’s most vulnerable members, celebrating the incredible work of the organization, and sustaining the valuable work that lies ahead in the months and years to come.

The funds raised at the HOPE Gala will be used to continue providing vital supplies and support to those in critical circumstances and experiencing chronic homelessness in the Okanagan.

Sophie will support this important cause, and will perform at the Gala alongside dancers from Mission Dance Kelowna. Get tickets here:

Story of Hope Gala in the news:

Annual H.O.P.E. Outreach gala raises funds for growing need in Okanagan

BL3ND-  a new Piano Trio

BL3ND- a new Piano Trio

Dear friends & fans! I am so excited to share this very first post- we are a new piano trio that formed during the pandemic- working across Canada through the pandemic, we have been arranging, writing, and preparing to launch, and we cannot wait to share more soon. We’re excited to introduce to you: BL3ND – Cellist Jeff Faragher, Pianist Jessica La & Violinist Sophie Armstrong, COMING SOON! @The.BL3ND


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Children’s Book Coming in Fall 2022!

Children’s Book Coming in Fall 2022!

You guys!! I am SO excited to share that among the very exciting projects in the works that have come to life with the absence of my usual performances is a children’s book!

Some of you might recall the Gold Violin Show with my custom electric gold violin back in Sydney Australia…and at the time the book was in the works but came to a pause and I was so busy performing I didn’t pursue it. Thanks to the break over the past year with Covid putting a hold on so many things, we are planning to release this in 2022!

I’m excited to share that UK artist Pearl Bates who created this fab painting of yours truly way back at the time of the Gold Violin show, is creating the illustrations. Honestly guys, makes so much more sense to finish this book now I have my own children! I can’t wait to share more very soon! Sophie XO

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Happy Valentines Day! New track + Giveaway!

Happy Valentines Day! New track + Giveaway!


Well, we’re already a month into 2020 and it flew by… more restrictions but not creatively! I’m excited to share that I recorded a little love song called Walk With Me- a special piece of music with a story based on an old Irish song which dates back to the Jacobean rebellion. It’s about a woman who is heart broken that her lover has gone to fight in the war but that she wishes him well. So to me, it’s about giving your partner freedom in love and I think that’s beautiful. I imagine she’s inviting him to come back and join her.

We shot the music video at the Telemark Nordic Club in West Kelowna, a beautiful winter sports club here in British Columbia. It was stunningly beautiful, with snowflakes falling on us- and the suprised look of some skiers coasting by! I was so glad to have the whole family there- we all went out and had a fun day, and a fab team as well- thanks to:

Stephanie Lucile Photography, Uncorked Films and Jenny McKinney Makeup Artistry!

What’s going on here? Well…..I’m not sure about getting into this dress in the freezing cold!!!


This Valentines I also have a gift for you guys-  a Valentines Giveaway for Okanagan residents + a gift for the rest of you across the globe as well!

Here’s what you could win:

❤️One of 3 $100 Gift Vouchers to Kelowna Medical Aesthetics Kelowna (I get my facials here they are AMAZING!). Okanagan residents only.
❤️A Makeup Session with Jenny McKinney Makeup Artistry Kelowna (so FAB! Jenny did my makeup for this shot above!). Okanagan residents only.
❤️A Box of Valentines Cookies from Hello Hoopla Kelowna (totally delish, and a fellow Okanagan Mom). Okanagan residents only.
❤️One of 5 copies of Sophie’s New Single, Walk With Me. (I hope you fall in LOVE!). Winner can be anywhere in the world

Head over to my Instagram page to enter!

I CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE THE NEW SONG THIS SUNDAY! How are you spending Valentines?

Sophie XO