July 8, 2022

Suncare with Kelowna Medical Aesthetics!

So you know people usually recognize me as that violinist with red hair… and I have super pale skin. That  means I need to be super vigilant with my sun protection! Well.. Summer is here, and friends, please don’t forget your sunscreen! I’ve always put mine on CONSTANTLY trough my life until I had kids, then I got lazy and focused on making sure THEY wore sunscreen and I slapped mine on quickly and never bothered with my back and was not reapplying…. Guess what? I just had a skin cancer removed from my back AND two from my face… Wear your SPF people, AND re-apply!

Advice from the amazing and very qualified staff at Kelowna Medical Aesthetics have the following awesome advice- here’s a little clip from our recent giveaway with some great tips-


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