In Paris, back in 2008, Sophie commenced working on an event that would bring women together in a supportive collaborative way. The first event took place at La Scene Bastille in July of that year. Following that, Sophie launched Every Woman Festival in Sydney Australia on the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day, 2011. The event now runs annually in three different cities, has outreach programs and other events, and is spreading every year.

This year, Every Woman Festival will take place on the 12th March in Edmonton, Canada, on 13th March in Calgary, Canada and on 19th March in Sydney Australia. Check out the website for more details!

Check out this short video on what does International Women’s Day means to Every Woman Foundation:

*Every Woman Foundation/Organization a non-profit organization seeking to empower and celebrate women using an inclusive approach that encourages participation from the entire community in creating equality and healing through self expression & communication. EWF was founded by Sophie Armstrong (formerly Sophie Serafino) in 2008.