It’s been a wild year so far! Aside from the recording and performances…. and all else music…after the first four months of pregnancy, my husband and I celebrated out first wedding anniversary in June and held a second wedding with family and friends! We had an absolute blast, and in perfect time my ‘bump’ arrived (I mean really arrived) a couple of weeks later- just in time for my July recital at Petroleum Club Calgary, A Journey Through Eastern Europe! Playing with baby inside is a little different to my usual show- fans have been hearing some new sounds , and hopefully our little boy loves the music! Huge thanks to pianist Susanne Ruberg-Gordon for joining me on stage. Click here to see where I’ll be performing next! I’m currently recording for the lullaby album at OCL Studios, sponsored by OCL, I can’t wait to share with you the details of the release of the new music I’m recording! More details coming soon… xo


Thanks to Brad from Shaking Hands productions for this video recap of our second wedding-

Sophie Recital

On stage with Susanne Ruberg-Gordon at Calgary Petroleum Club on July 23. Thanks to Michael Vincent for this photo.

Lullaby Baby Boy Instagram

We are so thrilled and excited to welcome our baby boy this November!