Hey you guys!

Some of you have been asking me a lot… and ALL the time at my shows, about the instruments I play, and which is my favorite. So this blog post is entirely about my #1 violin!

I have played this instrument since 2005. It was made in 1820 in London, by Italian maker Joseph Panormo. I love it’s bold sound and haven’t played any other acoustic violin since then- I am still and always have been, totally in love with this violin!

A year or two after I bought it I became curious about some of the markings on it and repairs, so I had it checked out by a luthier in London who ran a few tests on it. He told me that the neck is about 50 years younger than the rest of the instrument which was a total surprise to me. He also told me that it had gun shot residue on it! I’ve since fantasized about how that could be… but since carrying firearms was probably quite common back then, I’m sure the explanation is a lot more boring that I might like imagine… 😉

Someone once told me that they knew it was me playing from the tone of my instrument, and I guess that sums it up… this violin is to me, and to some of you guys as well, one of a kind!

Sophie xo