Hey everyone!

Today was such an honor for me. I was a guest speaker/teacher for a group of teenage girls at the Young Women of Power Conference in Calgary, Canada. I shared some of my own stories, my own challenges as a women in my industry and we discussed the meaning of empowerment and the importance of education, with samples of the Every Woman Foundation Program Positive Self Talk. EWF is an absolute passion of mine, and I hope to one day share the programs and events as far and wide as I can!

If you feel like *EWF might be something for you, check it out and fill out the volunteer form!

Sophie xo


*Every Woman Foundation is a non-profit organization seeking to empower and celebrate women using an inclusive approach that encourages participation from the entire community in creating equality and healing through self expression & communication. Every Woman Festival and Programs were founded by Violinist Sophie Armstrong (previously Sophie Serafino).