Hey you guys,

So I know you know that Sydney is my home. As I prepare to move to Canada however, I wanted to share a few of my favorite places and a few happy moments I’ve had in the last few weeks. I’m a little emotional about moving, but it’s only for a couple of years! Yes, I was born in England, but my family are Australian, and although we have British and Scottish heritage, I’ve been here in Australia since I was a baby. It’s my home, and always will be.

My top places in Sydney are:

1. Bondi Beach

2. The Botanical Gardens

3. Vaucluse House

4. Newtown

5. The Opera House! One of the most unique and recognizable buildings in the world!

6. The Wahroonga Park and shops (yes a little obscure, but this was my local shops as a kid)

7. Gertrude and Alice

8. Palm Beach

9. Jonah’s Restaurant at Whale Beach

10. Sydney Harbour Bridge! Walk across it… look at it… celebrate New Year’s Eve there (check it out below!) whatever… it totally rocks!

Sophie xo